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Welcome Friends

You may have been to my other site at I had to change host because the other one only gave me a limit of 7 pages to create. So I decided to come here. Anyway at this site I will update about once a week or so. Since it's the first week. I'll likely be updating ever 2 days. If you have any questions you can email them to me. If you see an error you can also email them to me. If you want me to put a review in or a link. Maybe one of your war games that you play you can email them to me.

12/13: I added a new section called War Stories. These stories will be on the new nerf magazine. I give all credit to the person that made the story. Email me if you have a story.
11/23: I added a new seection to my forums called Tactics Check it out.
11/16: I deleted Banner Exchange and added the banners on all of my other pages. I added a GUESTBOOK please sign it. I would like all the input i get.
11/12: Today I added a new section called Song Bites. It's a place were my friend will make up songs.
10/11: I finished the full proof secion on the reviews side. Added a new homemade. The Blowgun.
10/7: Added a new section called Homemades. If you have any homemades you would like on my site please give me instructions by privating messaging me at NHQ or email me. I also finished the reviews section.
9/19: Added A-P in the Nerf Center Reviews
9/18: Added Nerf to the Next Levels reviews
9/13: The New Forums are Here! Here they are
9/1: I added two more reviews, and 1 more war game. I also added 1 one more link. Added 3 more guns to buy. 
8/15: Its been a while and I added a logo and hopefully Im going to put a forum to my site soon.
7/21: Today this sites home page was edited.